Aryor is the major continent on the planet Aqueous. It is separated into 12 provinces and 1 territory. Most of these provinces are heavily populated with the exception of the Aryorian territory of 'The Wilds' Where the Luphos live. The continent Aryor is not really where all the excitement is though, but it is the people who inhabit it.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Aryor was created by the Twin Deities Lunos and Armeus. In the war of the old gods, Lunos and Armeus fled and ran into each other due to fate. They found 2 planets that rotate around each other. This was a perfect starting ground for the two of them to birth a new civilization. Armeus created the people of Aryor, when Lunos populated the highly magical moon with his own beings. Armeus made many non-magical creatures, but every once in a while, one may make a Moonspire (or a similar device) to contact those on the moon called 'Interlopers'.

Humans and Aryor Edit

Aryor is now mainly populated by Humans, as they are the race which reproduce fastest. The Humans are an industrious and hardy being, able to adapt to the many climates of Aryor.

Climate Edit

The Climate of Aryor varies from cold tundra, to tropical, as it is a mega continent.