In the beginning there was chaos. The gods were in turmoil and constantly at war, fighting over a galaxy that would ultimately end up like the rest. Amongst the chaos the twin deities Lunos and Armeus fled the battle to a brand new Galaxy, to start their own life. One that was better. One of order.

Lunos, the God of night searched one way, while his sister traveled the other. Eventually, through complete cosmic coincidence (or fate) they met at two circling planets. Lunos claimed the one teeming with magical energy while Armeus claimed the one teeming with life.

Throughout time, mortals from both worlds achieved deity status through their world, until one ancient wizard, Dazno, managed to seal Lunos in a blade. The sword switched hands and eventually the story faded from history. The worshippers of Lunos have ever since been searching for their stolen God, and now they know he is in the surface.

The Grand Oracle Laki of the Merpeople prophesied about the return of Lunos on Aquaus, and the hunt began. Never before had teleportation on this scale existed. The people of Lunos want their God back at any cost. This is what inspired the building of what is now known as the Moonspire.

The DeitiesEdit

Armeus, Goddess of Light and TimeEdit

The Figurehead of the Pantheon

Armeus is the oldest of the new pantheon. She created the mortal realm and brought life to Aryor and the islands of Aqueous. She looks like a rosebud with many thorned arms. Armeus is thought to be a ‘Clockwork Goddess’ as she usually will not interfere with the world unless it is needed.

Lunos, God of Darkness and SpaceEdit

The Second in Command

Lunos spent 1200 years on Aqueous due to a lost bet with a Mortal, where he was sealed in a sword. When the young magus Atticus Fletcher pulled him from the stone, he swapped bodies with him, to achieve his Fey form, known as Lunos Glitterdust. He still lives as the ruler of Lunos, the Moon of Aqueous. There are cults trying to get him back in the mortal realm even to this day.

Grawk Twiddle, God of Communication and JourneysEdit

The First mortal to achieve godhoodEdit
Lawful Good | Flight, Journey, and CommunicationEdit

In the Aryor Mythos, there are 2 ways to achieve deity status. The first way is to do a series of 10 trials chosen by Armeus herself. The other way is to significantly improve life (or death) upon Aryor. Grawk Twiddle was the first of the Pantheon. Grawk Twiddle created a worldwide postal system, and was an ace flier as far as anyone in history could recall. The lord of the skies. Grawk set up a postal system very easily throughout the continent of Aryor, and in the process revealed the secret race of the Kenku. Though the elders of Twittlesburg were furious, it was hard to stay angry once the money started flowing in. He started a dynasty of postal workers who could out run and outlast any other race. He died while flying a very important message to the church of Armeus, and Armeus in her great grief accidentally gave him more power than most other living creatures. Because of this, Grawk now lives in the Pantheon of the Gods, far away (On Lunos).

Alek Goldgear, God of AlchemyEdit

Alchemical Litch

Chaotic Good | Alchemy, Friendship and Loyalty

Alek Goldgear grew up in the Gnommish Isles alongside his many siblings. As runt of the litter he was always picked on. He turned to alchemy soon after he left his ancestral home in order to pursue great magic prowess, of which he had none. Beaten up and broken down, he invented alchemy to be a substitute for magic. Upon Alek’s Death, he was an alchemical Litch with 4 arms, and he was a total abombination. Armeus took pity on the middle-aged gnome and sent a task force to kill his mortal body so that she could have him alongside herself, her brother and the rest of the pantheon. Alek holds the domains of Alchemy, Friendship, Heartbreak and Revenge.

Kymm Skylock, Goddess of Storms and SeaEdit

Battered by Storm and Sea

Daughter of a Dread Pirate King, Kymm spent most of her life on a ship. She dedicated her life to one of the old gods named Procan, the neutral deity of storms. As her life progressed she realised that Piracy should not be what the Skylocks are known for. She then went out and tried going into a more suitible business: Trade. Once her father, Flint, found this out he sunk her ship and offered her a place back on his ship. She refused, and she dropped into the water. When she woke up on a beautiful sunny shore of a small island, she knew that only divine intervention could’ve saved her, but when she looked at her symbol of Procan, it was different. The symbol there was now of a tattoo she got when she was only 14. Armeus appeared to her on those shores and offered her a place in the Pantheon. Kymm refused and lived the rest of her full life on that deserted island by herself. By the time she did die, Armeus had already given her a spot amongst the gods in the Pantheon as God of the Sea, and Storms. Procan had fallen, and she took his place.

Orik Dreamfist, God of Dreams, and JudgementEdit

Pacifist Brawler

Orik was a forger from Birth, always making something new. His signature weapons were his Gauntlets which could not kill an opponent, but just knock them out. His pacifism in war gained Armeus’ attention, and upon his untimely death in a Orc-Dwarf turf war Orik was ascended to godhood.Orik’s role in the pantheon is the God of Judgement and Dreams

Jonnis Blakely, God of Agriculture and FertilityEdit

The Fertile

When one looks at Jonnis Blakely, one may not think of him as “God” material, but his track record shows otherwise. He single handedly saved the human race from extinction by producing 80 children within 10 years. Because he had so many children, he became the god of fertility and agriculture.

Grogarth, God of War and PunishmentEdit

The Victorious

Grogarth was an orc who led one of the first organized Orc armies. This in itself is a worthy notation, but his claim to fame was his final battle, and the one that made the orcs who they are today. Grogarth allowed himself to be swallowed by a giant red dragon just so that he could attack it ‘In the squishy bits’. He carried 2 bastard swords dripping in the most vile venoms known to man and went to town on the Dragon’s insides. Both he and the Dragon lost their lives in that battle, but it still goes down in history as one of the only times a mortal was able to kill a dragon 1 on 1. After his death he was met with the thunderous applause of the souls that the dragon had felled before and one other thing. Armeus. She offered him a place on the Pantheon, and he accepted it. He is now that God of War, Victory and Sacrifice.

Draxus, God of Deceit and TruthEdit

The Trickster

This teifling used to be a shady businessman by day, and vigilante by night. His work included donating stolen art back to where it belonged. Armeus, against her judgement allowed an evil outsider into the Pantheon and promptly fell in love with him. Her love for him overlooks the fact that he tortured over 10 000 people in his living years. His domains are Trickery, Law, Punishment and Truth.

Rhena, Goddess of Nature and BeautyEdit

The Docile

Rhena is the younger sister of both Lunos and Armeus. She has power over the domain of nature and similar rituals. She appears similar to Lunos and Armeus but she definitely enjoys taking form of a fey, objectively the best looking race out of the whole group of creatures created by her twin siblings. While they gave consciousness to the world, she created all of the natural aspects. She is the one who brought up the mountains and created the valleys, plains and hills.

Mother Luphos, Goddess of the LuphosEdit

The Nurturing

Mother Luphos was the first Luphos who gained intelligence. She is the mother of all Luphos and controls the various churches created in her name set up in each domain of Aryor. In image, she looks to be a being beyond beauty with long, flowing white hair and has piercing whitish-golden eyes. In the Pantheon, her stature is rather tall with a radiant purple glow around her body. She is responsible for bringing religion to all Luphos kind.

Papa Bushtail, God of the BushtailsEdit

The Omnipotent, Mysterious, and rather Cunning.

The first Bushtasil to fall in love with the first of the Luphos. Papa Bushtail ordered the Bushtails to gather Luphos “workers” from the neighbouring forests to construct various pyramids out of mud bricks and Obsidian, and to make an image out of gold in rememberance of him. He is a god of Mystery, Secrets, War, and rather cunning and mischievous when speaking to all the other Gods. Papa and Mother Luphos were married for a very long time until, one day, Papa Bushtail wanted to merge Luphism with Omnysticism. Mother Luphos didn’t want any part of it, so she divorced him. And so, the Bushtails and the Luphos have been at war ever since.